Words and Music

The Fierce Faith office receives so many wonderful comments from people around the world who have received blankets. Whether its saying thank you for being encouraged in a time of illness or winning a battle over loneliness or depression after meditating over the loving words that cover each blanket, every message that comes in has inspired the Fierce Faith team.

That’s why Fierce Faith creators Joe and David wanted to return the blessing and do something extra special for the people who like what they do. So David has taken the ideas behind Fierce Faith’s cornerstone words of Comfort, Inspire and Encourage and produced a series of reflective music and video pieces on YouTube. Each short video is a free gift from Fierce Faith to you. Watch them wherever you have your phone, laptop or PC, as you prepare for the day or as you try to get to sleep at night. Be blessed wherever you are.

Pieces like Lift Up Your Eyes, Inspiration and Forever Changed take the listener on a journey to a still place where the troubles of the world fade away. Gentle piano and swirling synth textures slow the mind and calm the heart. 

“I really wanted each piece to have the same feeling as wrapping yourself up in one of our blankets on a cold winters night,” said David. “It’s like creating your own little bubble where you can focus on something gentle and still.”

Recorded at David’s home studio in Surrey, the specially composed music is placed alongside high definition images and positive, loving words. Each image and word is carefully selected to lift up and inspire.  The finished video is then uploaded to the Fierce Faith YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCty1dmAcKJr13xz6H28bnSQ

A still from the “Lift Your Eyes” video.

“It’s been so encouraging to read some of the comments that are being made about the videos,” David added. “They’ve been described as soothing, gentle, lovely and inspiring. I can’t wait to create more.”

All of the team at Fierce Faith blankets hope you enjoy the videos and that they truly lead you to a comforting place beside quiet waters.