Week 1 – what a blessing this week has been

It’s the end of the first week of having these healing blankets available for Fierce Faith and I’m delighted they’ve landed in the USA. Check them out here.

They’re still on a vessel heading towards the UK; unfortunately I’ve found out today we’re not going to get those until November 14th, so not quite sure what’s going on there, but they are winging their way very slowly across the ocean to the UK.

The blankets landed in the USA, in California, a week ago. I’m delighted to say that they are selling really well – which I really hoped they would. So far we only have three colours because the red is also still on the ocean making its way across, so we have gold, blue and grey. If you haven’t seen our blankets yet then please do click here.

I had a vision…

Women reading a book in a pink armchair, legs over the arm of the chair, with a grey Fierce Faith blanket over her legs

When I created Fierce Faith I had a vision and decided to design this blanket. I had a specific vision in my mind of being able to have anybody – male or female, young or old – send one of these blankets as a gift, as well as obviously to yourself. It’d be like gifting ourselves, of course, and we should practise self-care.

Our blankets are something really nice that you can send as a gift. They can be deemed religious or positive, can show somebody that you love or care for them, that you’re thinking of them without it being – I don’t know what the right word is – perhaps tacky or not necessarily all the words are appropriate. But actually have some real meaning behind it. It’s taken months to get the design correct and the right words, really what I wanted to be able to convey; that I know people could gift to others as a gift, as a birthday or as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or specifically to help people who are struggling and need comfort or who are going through something difficult – or just need a hug.

I started Fierce Faith because of COVID-19.

We are right in the middle of it and I was struggling – so is my family, business and our friends. I’m preaching to the choir here; we all know how hard COVID-19 has been.

We were struggling and so I thought, wow! Yes, I really want to have something that I can share with people that I care about; hence the blanket that we’ve designed.  The blanket has taken months to get correct and get the right quality. My goodness, some of the quality out there looks fabulous and then you get it in your hands and it’s like, oh dear! Not so!  So we’ve really, really made sure that we’ve got the best quality as well as the beautiful words and design.

I was simply delighted and was so excited when the first blanket was sold – and it went to Los Angeles. I was like, oh my goodness! But then what I was far more excited about – and which actually just really, really is blessing me on a daily basis – are the messages that I am honoured to be able to read, because these blankets are being sent as gifts to people who are struggling or who need a prayer or who need to hear that they’re loved.

We’ve had some beautiful messages come in for sisters. Somebody sent one to their granny, one to an aunt. A pastor’s wife has received one of these; how lovely is that? People who are struggling with ill health, that are going through treatments. The words that I am able to read that are part of this gift, that arrive with the gift label, I am truly blessed to be able to read those.

It is such a blessing…

Close up of two people hugging, only the hands of one person and the back of the other is visible.

It is such a blessing to know that somehow in a tiny little way I’m a part of that. It’s just an honour to be able to contribute in this way. That’s a real unexpected benefit – and it’s purely selfish for me. It’s totally heart-warming and, oh my goodness, I feel such honour to be able to send these blankets out along with these messages of hope and love. 

The messages that are being sent; using the word hope, prayer, love, inspire. Get well, unfortunately, are some of the ones that we’re reading. A lot of the sentiment is that we’re with you. Quite a few people have put, ‘Consider this a hug from me.’ How lovely is that? I’d love to be able to share them fully with you but obviously I can’t; it’s totally private and I’m the only other person that can read these beautiful messages. Apart from the person who receives them. But I just really wanted to share that; that it’s just such a beautiful thing that I have been blessed to be able to find this unexpected benefit of these Fierce Faith blankets that are out there.

We’ve really put our heart into it, to making them, and I’m just so delighted that people are able to buy them and share them in the way that I really hoped they would. I wasn’t sure, but to realise that this is actually happening and that people are able to share their love in this unique way when some of us are far, far away from those that we love and we can’t be with them. I just feel really honoured that I’m able to be a part of giving people that hug.

So that was week 1. It’s been a challenge getting here, but the rewards this week have been outstanding. Let’s see what week 2 brings!

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