Fierce Faith was created at the height of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic!

Sitting in my office in Surrey, England, day after day, wondering if the world would ever return to normal I was inspired to do something more productive with my time so I designed my first ever blanket throw. After much research and deliberation I created what I thought was a beautiful blanket… Thankfully I got a sample made before making thousands of them as the first was a disaster! After a redesign (thanks to hubby) I have tried many suppliers, qualities and finishes. Finally, after six months of tweaks, we have created the first ever Fierce Faith blanket.

The biggest challenge…

The biggest challenge was getting the correct blanket quality, I’ve learnt this the hard way. Something online may look fabulous, but when it’s in your hands you can see how terrible the quality is. This isn’t always apparent in a photograph. I had a few blankets that arrived looking good, however they didn’t pass the soft touch test. Sourcing the correct fabric took a while but was definitely worth the perseverance.

My vision…

I wanted this super soft blanket to be a gift that would show someone they are loved and special; that the person receiving the throw would be wrapped in inspiring and reassuring words, super soft crystal velvet and warm Sherpa fleece. The words chosen are from the Bible, but they’ve been designed in a way that the recipient wouldn’t necessarily know. I wanted to create something that could encourage and comfort as well as having a practical purpose – being a decorative and warm throw – and would also add a genuine heartfelt message of love. This blanket is suitable for everyone with, or without, faith.

We have tested these blankets in the UK and have had a few surprising results. Our blue Faith blanket is used daily by a ten year old male gamer… He settles himself down in a corner, covers his lap in the blanket, phone in one hand, console in the other, and plays for hours snuggled up! The gold blanket has been tested by a teenage girl studying for exams and, although she’s already got her hoodie up in bed, also covers herself in the blanket before she revises. These blankets make perfect gifts for those who are poorly, under the weather, stressed or in need of comfort. Fierce Faith blanket throws are also perfect for home decoration – the gold and red blankets are especially perfect for winter and, dare I use the word in October, Christmas!

I have chosen Compassion International as our charity that we give 10% of all profits to. If you’d like to find out more about this fabulous charity, please do click here:

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